100% Natural treats for nose-to-tail health

Helping your dog stay fit & healthy for longer - just like they were meant to be.

Experience the thrill of unboxing every month

Our monthly Dogglebox Original contains a careful assortment of 30 100% natural, woofing-good treats.
It is packed with all vital food groups (bone, chew, fur, dental, treat) in the right proportion to ensure your dog gets all essential nutrients.

The best part?
We send out a different selection every month so your dog can experience the delight of choosing from a box full of natural goodies!

We come clean on the ingredient list

With Dogglebox, you don’t have to worry if the dog treats contain real chicken/animal protein or some chemical that tastes like it.
Using vague, deceiving terms on the ingredient list is not really our thing.
Because every Dogglebox treat is what they claim to be - 100% natural with no fillers.
They are free from grain, wheat, gluten, soya, sugar and dairy - everything that’s a BIG NO for our dogs.

Here’s a glimpse of your fur baby’s life after Dogglebox

  • Glowing fur and shiny teeth
  • Stronger joints
  • Good immune system
  • Improved mental health

You can stay confident that you’re feeding your dog right & your dog can enjoy delicious treats everyday - It’s a win-win!

Eco-Friendly Dog Treats

Subscription types


Choose your Dogglebox Monthly Subscription and get a carefully selected assortment of 100% natural treats delivered to your doorstep

Dogglebox Original

Inside each box, you receive a paw-some assortment of 30 natural treats, with a different selection each month.

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Dogglebox Original Plus

The same as in Dogglebox Original, but double the amount of treats(& joy) for your furry friends.

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Dogglebox for Puppies

A careful selection of healthy, small and soft chews that are easy to digest and will get your puppy excited for every treat.

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Why Dogglebox?

Keep the furry member of your family healthy & happy and enjoy more years of those soft cuddles.

  • Suitable to all dog breeds
  • Air-dried & smoked by hand
  • Sourced fresh from the farms of the UK
  • Conveniently delivered to your doorstep every month
  • Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable packaging
  • Tested by our diligent quality control team consisting of Ralph, Basil and Preston.
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