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Dogglebox is the first-ever 100% natural treat company to provide a monthly bespoke box for every dog that contains all vital food groups (bone, chew, dental, fur, treat) to help your dog stay fitter and healthier for longer.

Our mission is simple

Natural treats, healthy dogs, happy you and a sustainable planet.

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Here’s how it works

  • Select the most suitable subscription type for your dog and confirm your monthly subscription.
  • Within the next 5 days, a fresh Dogglebox filled with natural goodies will be delivered to your doorstep.
  • Unbox the 100% recyclable, eco-friendly package and watch your dog’s tail wag with delight.
  • Let them choose their favourite treats everyday & enjoy a happy treat time with your pooch.
  • Shopping & refilling treats? Not your problem now. We will send out a new Dogglebox with a different selection every month before you run short of treats!
  • Ready to say goodbye to boring online shopping & hello to a personalized, exciting experience?

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Eco-Friendly Dog Treats

Subscription types


Choose your Dogglebox Monthly Subscription and get a carefully selected assortment of 100% natural treats delivered to your doorstep

Dogglebox Original

Inside each box, you receive a paw-some assortment of 30 natural treats, with a different selection each month.

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Dogglebox Original Plus

The same as in Dogglebox Original, but double the amount of treats(& joy) for your furry friends.

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Dogglebox for Puppies

A careful selection of healthy, small and soft chews that are easy to digest and will get your puppy excited for every treat.

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