Unveiling The Truth Behind Commercial Dog Treats

Protect your dog from clinical illnesses caused by processed treats - because prevention is always better than cure

Did you know that the average dog’s lifespan in the UK has dropped to just 10.4 years?

A few questions for you:

Why are so many dogs dying earlier than they should?
Why are dog cancer rates increasing?
Why has pet care spending doubled in the last 10 years?
Is there something you are not being told?

The truth behind commercial dog treats - exposed!

  • Numerous studies and research suggest that illnesses in dogs can be linked to jerky treats.
  • Oftentimes, they are the reason behind sloppy poop, joint pain, bad smells and itching.
  • Millions of marketing dollars are spent to make you believe they are “healthy” and fat is sprayed to make them “tasty” for your dogs so they don’t complain.
  • Dogglebox decided to throw light on these hazardous treats that are depriving our dogs of a healthy and long life.

100% Natural, truly healthy treats should give your dog the following

  • Improved energy & mental health
  • Dental hygiene
  • Gorgeous glowing skin and fur
  • Better digestion
  • An exciting, happy treat time with treats they really enjoy eating

All Dogglebox treats are 100% natural, rich in essential nutrients, and sourced fresh from British farms - the best you could ever give your dogs!

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Help for Hope - saving one dog at a time

Dogglebox is grateful to be able to support Help for Hope - a charity based in Leeds with a mission to rescue dogs from Romania and bring them to the UK foster homes until they are adopted. 

With every adoption, we donate our signature Dogglebox sample pack. A percentage of proceeds from our special Dogglebox pack goes to Help for Hope.

By choosing Dogglebox, you are not just choosing a healthy life for your dog, but are also helping hundreds of other dogs like him/her meet their forever families.

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