The idea for Dogglebox came about when buying treats for my dog, Ralph (a German Shepherd)

I would come across poor quality imported products that are not produced to DEFRA standards and quite regularly mislabelled

As you may or may not know, the German Shepard breed are well known for having sensitive stomachs. At first, I thought it was the dog food I was feeding Ralph, but it turned out to be the unhealthy dog treats I was feeding him that was causing the problem.

Even though on the packs it says healthy dog treats, good for wellbeing, low in fat, real meat etc, it's not until you read the ingredients on the back (by product, ethoxyquin, meat meal) that you realise that the treats you are giving your dog really are bad for them and can cause cancer, stomach problems and kidney disease.

And so, Dogglebox was born

After doing research on dog treats and speaking to many dog owners about it, it became clear that they were not aware of the dangers of these mass-produced dog treats, thought that giving your dog stimulating plastic toys and pre-packaged treats was the only option for them, and that trying to find 100% natural treats was not only hard work but expensive.

It had finally sunk in and I wanted to do something about it, so after discussing this with my wife, (I had to convince her I had not gone completely mad and wasn’t having a mid-life crisis), I quit my job as a sales director for an IT company and set about creating Dogglebox.

Eco-Friendly Dog Treats

Sadly, many dog treats are bad for dogs

The sad fact is that so many dogs are getting sicker and dying earlier than they should, the average dog’s life span in the UK has gone from 17 years in the 80’s to just 10.4 years today.

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